Rough, dry, and inflamed skin often results from stress and illness. 
NOV AC series helps maintains the skin's natural moisture balance
to relief skin troubles with a gentle formula that makes skin healthy.

  • ●  Non-comedogen tested (Not guaranteed as completely comedogen-free for all customers)
  • ●  Skin patch tested
  • ●  Allergy tested (Not guaranteed as completely allergen-free for all customers)



This hypoallergenic skin care line is designed to treat skin that is easily susceptible to dryness or irritation.

Combination of moisturizing ingredients maintains the moisture balance of the skin and deep cleansing properties prevent skin roughness and irritation.

※1 NOV AC Face Lotion formulation: 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphoryl choline-butyl methacrylate copolymer fluids
※2 NOV AC Moisture Gel formulation: moisturizing ingredients
 ※3 NOV AC Face Lotion / NOV AC Moisture Gel formulation: active ingredients
 ※4 Included in all products: active ingredient
 ※5 NOV AC Face Lotion / NOV AC Moisture Gel Formulation: pyridoxine hydrochloride