These highly-moisturizing hypoallergenic cosmetic products
focus on the barrier layer of the skin.
Establishing a balance between sebum, intercellular lipids,
and naturally-occurring moisturizing ingredients helps transform
sensitive skin into healthy, radiant skin.

  • ●  Skin patch tested
  • ●  Allergy tested (Not guaranteed as completely allergen-free for all customers)

Squalene, ceramide, and amino acids components that support the three factors of the barrier function of the skin (sebum, intercellular lipid, and natural moisturizing factors, respectively) are blended in an appropriate balance to produce skin that does not succumb to dryness or irritation.

Among the three components that support the skin's barrier function, ceramide *3 is the key component in increasing the permeability of the outmost later of the epidermis, as it follows the same structure as natural human skin.

※3 Ceramide 3 (N-stearoyl phytosphingosine: moisturizing ingredient)

Incorporated in NOV Ⅲ Moisture Cream, NOV Ⅲ Barrier Concentrate and NOV Ⅲ Milky Lotion

Gentle on the skin. Combined ingredient which makes skin moist and radiant.

Makes rough skin healthy.

Glycyrrhizin acid, 2K or Glycyrrhizin acid stearyl*

For Those with Sensitive Skin Concerned about Rough or Dry Skin