Body care products that keep the skin healthy and moisturized
using oligomarine®, a mineral found in seawater.
※ Concentrated seawater (moisturizing ingredients)

  • ●  Skin patch tested
  • ●  Allergy tested (Not guaranteed as completely allergen-free for all customers)

oligomarine® is a moisturizing ingredient created by NOV that includes minerals from concentrated

seawater. The minerals are a part of the natural moisturizing factors the skin needs, and thus has been

found to be highly moisturizing.

oligomarine® is found around Minami Daito Island--home to
some of the world's clearest, mineral-rich waters. With NOV's
unique method, two tons of seawater must be processed to
obtain  only 10 liters of oligomarine®.

The minerals found in oligomarine® are highly-moisturizing and protect the skin from
a variety of drying factors.