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NOV USA NOV L&W wrinkle eye cream - 0.42 OZ /12g - PRODUCT - NOV USA Official

NOV L&W wrinkle eye cream - 0.42 OZ /12g

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NOV L&W Products offer age-controlling skincare with enriched moisturizer especially formulated for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be irritated that cause dry, sagging and dull skin.
NOV L&W Products moisturize your skin to be supple and radiant.

Lesson the appearance of small winkles around your eyes and mouth due to dryness*. This cream will moisturize your skin to softness and suppleness. *Officially tested for efficacy.

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Active ingredients like glycyrrhetic acid stearyl prevents dryness and keeps your skin healthy.
Contains moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid Na-2, D L-PCA・Na solution, sodium lactate solution, serine, cholesteryl hydroxystearate) that provide and lock in moisture to your skin
Also contains moisturizing ingredients (coenzyme Q10*2, a-glucosyl glyscerol solution, N-acetyl, L-hydroxypoline) that will leave your skin more supple.
Contains retinol derivatives (moisturizing ingredient)
No artificial coloring
* This does not mean, however, that allergic reaction or irritation will not occur. Please use only as directed and with care.
After your regular skincare routine, dispense an appropriate amount onto your fingertips and gently massage around your eye and mouth areas.

Active ingredient: stearyl glycyrrhetinate

Other components: water, BG, squalane, polyoxybutylene polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene glyceryl ether (3 B.O.) (8 E.O.) (5 P.O.), pentaerythritol tetra 2-ethylhexanoate, He veil alcohol, polyethylene glycol monostearate, concentrated glycerin, vaseline, vitamin A oil, hyaluronic acid Na-2, α-glucosylglycerol solution, DL-PCA · Na solution, Na lactate solution, cholesteryl hydroxystearate, serine, ubidecarenone , N-acetyl-L-hydroxyproline, vitamin E, riboflavin, glyceryl-N- (2-methacryloyloxyethyl) carbamate- stearyl methacrylate copolymer, carboxyvinyl polymer, dipentaerythritol fatty acid ester ), Sucrose fatty acid ester, stearic acid hardened castor oil, dimer dilinoleic acid (phytosteryl / isostearyl / cetyl / stearyl / behenyl), cetyl palmitate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyethylene glycol 20000, lipophilic glyceryl stearate, water Na oxide, phenoxyethanol

● General Precautions:

keep out of reach of children

use only as directed

for external use only

do not use on broken or irritated skin

avoid direct contact with the eyes; flush with cool water if contact occurs

test a small amount of product on a small area of skin to see how skin reacts

discontinue use in case of redness or irritation

consult a physician if redness or other conditions persist or worsen

avoid storing in extreme temperatures or in direct sunlight

seal the product completely after each use


● Product Precautions & Details: 

HABA adds NO chemical colors, fragrances, or preservatives to its products.  Please note the following:

The slight product smell or fragrance is all-natural; no chemicals are added to mask the smell;

A rapid or extreme change in temperature may discolor the product; this will not affect the product’s safety or effectiveness;

After opening the product for the first time, use or discard all product within one (1) year.